František Plánička | Czechoslovakia | Slavia Prague

One of the unsung heroes of football, Planicka played for Slavia Prague for 969 league games (316 more than Ryan Giggs) and 16 years. He also played for the Czechslovakian National Team for 73 caps. He was the team’s goalkeeper for the 1934 and 1938 World Cups. With Slavia Prague, the team won 76% percent of their games with him in goal.

Throughout his career, Planicka was never cautioned and was never sent off during a match. He won the UNESCO International Fair Play Award in 1985.

He captained the Czechs to second place during the 1934 World Cup, as well as captained the 1938 World Cup.

During the match with Brazil in the Quarter-finals in 1938, Planicka broke his arm and continued playing. He only conceded one goal during the entire tournament.

Though he retired from professional football in 1939, his last game in goal was in 1970. In 1994, Planicka wished to see Slavia Prague win the league after a 48-year wait. In the 1995/96, Slavia Prague won the league two months before Planicka’s death at the age of 92.

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My grand father used to say he played for Arsenal during WW2 do you have any idea if we can vertify this?

Sorry, I missed this Anon. If you have his name, he might be listed here.

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